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Posted 2020-02-25 11:36:23 by Admin

display of discussion post-it notes

Our impact event generated some great round table discussions, and key thoughts were noted and displayed for everyone to view over lunch and coffee breaks.

Start with the community build upwards

Confusion about benefits creates fear of change

Isolation recurring theme

Can be difficult to get information to people that are isolated about the tings available to reduce that isolation

Information to help from local orgs.

Isolation & is my voice being heard

Communities not working. Buses local services being cut

Flexible support (no timetables)

Independent living - "7 years from moving out with mum." More independent, parent lives also become more independent. Working well

'Debilitated landscapes of care"

Challenges to care - travelling long distances for specialised care - isolated from family & friends

Learnt how important Self Advocacy is. Why does it take losing service to have to be the trigger?

University programmes UK

"Same old conversations"

Experience, When some support change people can grow and self-build more

Not new! Matches lived experience

The importance of knowing what is out there and how to access

Listening today, although things are tough, people are very positive

Learnt to meet new people

Share the vision. Bookshop in Scotland. Electric Umbrella in Watford.

We're still saying the same things we've been saying for years...

Importance of building confidence connections

Advocacy - in a group enables individual advocacy. Finding your voice, not people pleasing

Lack of funding

What have we learned so far? Geographical differences - smaller communities - large cities - differences

Getting to talk to other people - an awareness of other people & organisations

Cutting funding as people become more independent

Rural Scottish communities - small towns more isolated. More on offer in bigger towns

Learnt it is a common goal to lead a 'normal life' as in 'my life'

Support should not create dependency. Encourage independence and self-reliance

Independence does not have to mean you can do everything by yourself and can mean having control of how you do things

Can't live the life you want

Important for people's voices to be heard - but just because they've been heard, doesn't necessarily mean they're been listed to and acted on

2001 valuing people. Media have people & groups competing. System ??? don't help they don't speak each other

Attitudes are important

Learnt, how important Self Advocacy is. Why does it take losing service to have to be the trigger?

Resource pack may be useful for our advocates in their work with the people we support - useful for reviews, managing the day etc.

We need to go to these things more often to learn what other groups are going through

Milton Keynes Development community houses & community workers in the 1970s

Learnt to do maths

(Infographics) need one page 'facts' to take to ministers - they might listen then to ppl with LD

Work out - who needs to change? & what will they listen t? (e.g. numbers, stories) (facts)

One thing you can do is run your own business (like Barod research)

Less talk, more action - no good talking about it and then doing nothing

Confidence has grown - able to put myself forward for more activities - For example. Special olympics football. "I'm the number one goalie"

How does a family use the assessment process creatively. How do you get a good social worker?

Transport issues to groups - within rural areas of Scotland. Accessible transport

People new better at listening in the UK than in the USA

Difficulty to organise changes to timetable for week - rigid

Professional identities vs. Learning disability identities

Self advocacy social movement

It's not about my priorities (as someone who doesn't have a learning disability)

Microproviders in rural areas

Understand the commissioning process - free up the commissioners. Influence them

Starting to hang out with people my age - as confidence increases

Co-production research methods